How To Tell If A Supplement Will Work

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With so many food supplements on the market, it can be difficult to figure out, which ones actually work.

Thankfully there are a few things to look out for when trying  to verify the effectiveness of supplements.

Check The Supplement Certifications

Supplement certifications are crucial tools in ensuring the quality and efficacy of food supplements. These certifications verify that a supplement meets specific quality standards. They are typically carried out by independent third parties that assess supplements and vitamins.

Supplement certifications can cover a variety of standards, including label verification and quality assurance. They may check if a supplement is gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and other claims made by manufacturers.

For example, ReMind holds a Certificate of Compliance from the laboratories of Supplement Certified at the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland, South East Technological University in Waterford. This certification verifies that ReMind’s active ingredients are present in the amounts listed on the label. It also gives you a guarantee that these ingredients are shelf-stable, meaning they won’t break down before being used.

supplement certified is an independent seal of approval for customer trust and assurance on the supplements they are taking.
remind ingredients list that is on all packaging with a magnifying glass looking through the ingredients

Read The Ingredient Label

Another way to confirm the quality of a supplement’s ingredients is to review the list of ingredients on the box. This will show if artificial sweeteners, additives, fillers, and preservatives were added to the supplement. Fillers are typically used to cut costs and add substance, while some additives increase the shelf life or improve the taste or colour. It is generally a good idea to avoid supplements with long lists of additives.


ReMind’s only all-natural additives are the gelatine capsule, marigold flower extract, yellow beeswax, and lemon flavour oil. The gelatine capsule is made with EFSA-approved gelatine, while the carotenoids are harvested from the marigold flower extract. The beeswax allows the formulation to keep its uniformity, while the lemon flavour oil improves the supplement’s taste.

These natural additives used in the ReMind supplement are designed to keep the supplement as pure and straightforward as possible, without any unnecessary additional additives that may affect its efficacy.

Review The Scientific Evidence

It is also important to review any available, published scientific evidence before taking supplements that claim to provide extreme health benefits. Under E.U. law, only approved and substantiated health claims can be used on food supplements. These claims must be backed by strong scientific evidence that proves a link between a specific condition and the food substance present in the supplement. The ReMind formulation has been independently tested and proven to support the maintenance of normal brain function and normal vision with daily use. The supplement’s effectiveness has been confirmed by double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials for diseased and healthy brains. This work was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in October 2022. What’s more,  a recent study showed that when taken together, the ingredients in ReMind may also help maintain normal brain function in cognitively healthy older adults.


scientific evidence page on the ReMind Website.

So before you invest in a food supplement, be sure of the quality and potency of what you are buying. Investigate the products certifications. Scrutinise the ingredient list and evidence of ingredient quality. Look for and read the published, peer-reviewed scientific evidence to find out if a supplement’s health claims are backed up by clinical data.

ReMind is a supplement that has undergone extensive testing. It is supported by peer-reviewed published scientific evidence. It only uses the highest quality ingredients, and has been independently certified for its quality and stability. ReMind ticks all the boxes and is worth considering if you would like to look after your longer-term brain health.