ReMind in the press

We are delighted to see Irish media recognising the ground-breaking and significant research being undertaken at Nutrition Research Centre Ireland in Waterford, investigating the benefits of targeted nutrition on cognition and brain health.

Re-MIND study published in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Journal of Alzheimers Disease

The Re-MIND clinical trial from the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI) at South East Technological University, during which the ReMind™ supplement was used, has been published in the esteemed Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (JAD).  The Editor-In-Chief, Prof George Perry (JAD),  identified this study as newsworthy, saying “Re-MIND adds strong clinical evidence to the growing body […]

Carotenoids and Cognition: A summary of the evidence

Author: Prof John Nolan, Director Nutrition Research Ireland Introduction: Carotenoids and Cognition One of the main challenges of our ageing population is to limit the burden of any disability or disease and maximise the quality of life in later years, so that we can continue to function and engage with our environment and its surroundings […]